Saturday, March 13, 2010

my first complete hack

ok, so recently out of pure bored and curiosity, I decided that I will try and install the HBC on

my wii(4.2).

I am not new to hacking, I am just a slow learner, I have hacked my psp before, and my xbox,

but they were semi-hacked( as in

that I hacked it, but I must of missed some steps as it worked, but only half of it) so I thought I

could try HBC. I admit, I thought

it would of not worked, that I would spend forever and give up. like before, the instructions were

hard to deceiver, because lets

admit it, some of the steps get confusing on what exactly to do. so like any noob, I didn't follow

exact directions, and I got stuck

at one point, I had installed the HBC, but it was just bubbles. So I checked the steps, reinstalled everything, look on youtube for

help( I know most of you are shuttering at the moment, but I was lost because the faqs seemed

not to be "noob friendly" as it acts as if you should have pre known some of the stuff you install to wii)

and finally came across one that said to delete all files on the SD card, first I tried to copy them

"50 minutes" I said, so I just said "fuck it" and deleted it all, and once again, I put it in the wii,

with some homebrew, didnt work, so I had to copy all the files BACK INTO THE SD CARD(after

finding some other missing steps), after messing with it for a good 2 hrs, idk what exactly

triggered the channel to work, but installing it for the 4th time made it worked. soon I found the

channel with all the stuff, and a homebrew browser, I looked in amazement as it loads games

HOLY FREAKING CRAP IT WORKED. As I played the first game :wolfinstien 3d"(bad

grammer I know deal with it) I thought I was going to jizz my pants. then something SUPER

AWESOME HAPPENED. I was aware of "dvdx" but I could not get it to load, but I downloaded

another dvd app and HOLY #@@$#$@#@# , my wii had now played "Spider-man" on my

without getting into the system. The HBC has brought back what was a gimmick system that

only lasted for 2 years, into what is now I call "THE BEST SYSTEM EVER."

I encourage all who have lost faith in Nintendo this year, to have faith in the mod/hacker

community, if they do fail in getting the next update to work with hbc(for those dumb ones) it

will at least show Nintendo that we fans do care for not only quality, but quantity too, that there

"we don't have be like the other systems" isnt good enough.